Personnel Development – a complex direction in human resource management. It contains: initial training of employees; training; training or retraining of personnel; planning and profession improvement. Scientific and technological progress in modern circumstances greatly accelerates the approach of obsolescence of specialist expertise and abilities If graduates the know-how in the early twentieth century became outdated right after 30 years (ie the acquired understanding they lacked virtually all their working life), modern professionals have to be retrained each 3-5 years. vocational instruction organization – is one of the big human resource management functions, and its price range may be the biggest (after salaries) item of expenditure of a lot of campaigns.

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G.S.M. Srl si occupa del montaggio di impianti tecnologici e speciali in genere.
Nello specifico opera nel settore del condizionamento, del riscaldamento, idrico-sanitario, refrigerazione e vanta una particolare esperienza nel settore antincendio il tutto seguendo in modo scrupoloso le normative vigenti.
Opera dal 2004 ed attinge la propria professionalità da collaboratori esperti nei vari settori grazie agli innumerevoli impianti installati in tutta Italia e ai corsi di aggiornamento e formazione programmati durante tutto l’anno.binance review

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